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GUIFFY NEWS: July 2, 2014
Guiffy 10.6 released:
  • Performance Improvements
  • File Compares > 2 GB
  • Folder Compare reports CLI/API
April 28, 2014
Free Image Diff tool available.
For further information see: Guiffy Image Diff tool

April 2, 2014
Guiffy 10.5 released:
  • Image Diff tool
  • U.I. improvements
  • 64-bit JREs included
January 2, 2014
Guiffy 10.4 released:
  • Plugin "processors"
  • Folder Compare Show Archives
  • File Replace/Backup
  • Installers: 1.7 JREs
At Guiffy our focus is Advanced Cross-Platform Diff/Merge software. Our product is a visual diff tool, merge tool, and folder compare tool that makes comparing and merging sources easy and reliable. Guiffy is used around the world by thousands of professional organizations on a wide variety of platforms (Including: Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Unix).

              free diff tool, merge tool, folder compare download
Guiffy's 3-way Merge Tool - SureMerge™
diff/merge tool

on Windows 8
3-way merge on MacOS X 10.8

on MacOS X 10.8
SureMerge on Linux

on Linux
(Clickon the above thumbnails to view the screenshots)

  • Guiffy's Trustworthy 3-way merge tool, called SureMerge™, surpasses all other merge tools with its intelligent hybrid algorithms and ease-of-use. See our SureMerge White Paper which includes test kit files for evaluating 3-way merge tools.
    more Merge Tool info...

  • Guiffy's visual diff tool can be used to compare source files of any type
    diff/merge Unicode-16
    with builtin support of Unicode(UTF8 & UTF16), MBCS, SJIS, and over 150 File Encoding and character set formats.

    more Diff Tool info...

    <<<--- Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot
  • Guiffy implements a blend of 3 diff algorithms to provide the best visual file compare results (including tuneable in-line diffs highlighting) and trusted 3-way auto merge capabilities.

  • Guiffy's visual diff merge tool includes Syntax Highlighting
    with support for over 20 syntax file types builtin
    (Including: C, C++, C#, CSS, Fortran, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python,
    Ruby, SAS, SQL, Tcl, and XML).
                Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot --->>>
    diff tool Syntax
  • Guiffy also provides folder compare and file tree synchronization capabilities.
    launch file compares from folder compares

    Expand a subfolder... Double-click on a file in Guiffy's Directory Compare and a File Compare view is quickly generated in another window.

    more Folder Compare info...

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  • Guiffy's Image Diff tool includes:
    Command Line Interface, 3 Filter options, Overlay option,
    Threshold control, Image File Info. panel, Image resizing,
    Compare Metrics and Save Diff view.
                Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot --->>>
    diff tool Syntax
  • Guiffy file compare built to work on BIG files:
    compare files over 2GB

    Guiffy's I/O is 64-bit (works on files > 2GB). File compare's "folded view" showing changes within context works well on BIG files. Guiffy includes special file compare algorithm for large files.

    more Diff Tool info...

    <<<--- Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot
  • File Compare reports saved as HTML...
    compare reports saved as HTML
    reflect all of Guiffy's Style (Color and Font) choices and the diff tool results driven by Ignore and Show options.
    <<<--- Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot
Plus, Guiffy fits into your environment...
From the Windows Explorer, MacOS X Finder, or Linux KDE desktop, select files/folders and do compares with Guiffy. For further information, see the Desktop Integrations in Guiffy's Help.

Command Line Interfaces:
Guiffy includes several GUI and non-GUI command line interfaces for automation and integration with your environment. For further information, see the Command Line Interfaces in Guiffy's Help.

Commercial and Open Source CM systems:
Guiffy has been integrated with with many Commercial and Open Source CM systems (as a value-added diff merge tool plugin) including:   AccuRev, Allfusion Harvest, ClearCase, CMSynergy, CVS, Dimensions, Git, Mercurial, MKS Integrity, Perforce, PVCS, StarTeam, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, and SVN. For further information, see the CM integration notes in Guiffy's Help.

The Guiffy Eclipse and NetBeans plugins perform file or folder compares, 3-way auto merges and also integrate with CVS and SVN. For further information, see the IDE integration notes in Guiffy's Help.

API library:
And, Guiffy comes with a Java API library, so you can use it as a diff tool, merge tool, and/or folder compare component in your application. For further information, see the Javadocs in Guiffy's Help.

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