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Guiffy includes our Trustworthy cross-platform Merge Tool, SureMerge. SureMerge provides trustworthy 3-way (auto) file merging with change conflict detection and user editing/resolution. SureMerge includes a command line interface and API for seamless integration with other applications. The Guiffy Merge Tool is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux/Unix systems.

SureMerge™ - Guiffy's 3-way Merge Tool
3-way merge on Windows 7
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Some of Guiffy's most advanced Merge Tool capabilities:

  • Merge text files in over 150 encoding formats such as Unicode-8, Unicode-16, MBCS, SJIS, Big5, etc.
  • Merge files with different end-of-line formats - ignores end-of-line format differences.
  • Some merge tools try to be "smart" and auto merge changes when both versions added code at the same place. Not, SureMerge.
  • Attentions focus beyond Conflicts - SureMerge detects changes close to one another, not just those which overlap.
There are several Merge Tools. But, only a couple are available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux/Unix. And only SureMerge's original trustworthy algorithms support all of today's possible file encoding formats and comes with a command line interface and API.

You may not need all of SureMerge's features now... But, what about the future?

SureMerge is the only merge tool designed from day one to provide a trustworthy 3-way auto-merge - which requires its own algorithm. Other merge tools were developed as an enhancement to a diff tool and try to apply its "unique anchors" file compare algorithm for the 3-way merge solution. The authors of the "unique anchors" compare algorithms admit, "applying the compare algorithm to a 3-way merge is problematic". Put simply: Most of the time, it works... Sometimes, it doesn't!

Here's a quote from one of our customers:
"... after trying this tool I'm sure it will save me hours (if not days) of pain the next time I have to merge my own TGE repository with the latest GG HEAD! ....I think it's definitely worth the money!"
Stefan Moises
on GarageGames.com

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