Hazardous Moves Test Cases

The moves.zip test case kit originally built for the SureMerge Whitepaper is updated. The update includes a file set to show the reduced “real world” Visual Studio project XML file minimum changes required to reproduce the “moves” issue. And the update includes another file set of C source files to reproduce the same “moves” issue. […]
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Key Diff tool feature

The Diff tool feature which aligns similar lines can be difficult to describe and easily overlooked but without it as one user put it “I can’t see what has actually changed”.  Based on my recent survey of 5 other diff tools I’d estimate about half of all diff tools (at the most) have this ability. […]
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Diff Tool Test Cases

In our discussion of Diff Tools we will refer to a test case as an example. Align Similar Lines:  similar.zip This kit includes a pair of files for easily testing if a Diff Tool has the ability to align similar lines. We thrive on test cases. If you have a favorite file compare test case, […]
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Merge Tool Test Cases

In our discussion of Merge Tools we may refer to one of the 8 Merge Tool test cases from our Whitepaper as an example. Refer to the Guiffy SureMerge Whitepaper’s Test Case Kits descriptions for further information. We’re always expanding our collection of Merge Tool test cases. If you have a ugly merge scenario, we’d […]
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