Keep Both in Merge Tool

I recently surveyed 5 other 3 way merge tools and was surprised to find none of them have a “Keep Both”.  They all have just Keep 1st or Keep 2nd.  And whats worse they’re exclusive of each other – you can’t Keep 1st and then also Keep 2nd – at least that would just be 2 clicks instead of one.  The only way to “Keep Both” is to Keep 1st or 2nd and then select, copy, and paste the other version’s text.  Yeah, I know maybe this isn’t a big deal – but it sure is irritating.  For many if not most merge conflict resolutions you want to at least begin by keeping both changes and then perhaps do some editing.

This screenshot is taken from running the test case 7) Avoiding “Eat a Closer” ( ).

Try this with other merge tools.  Is there  some way to “Keep Both” without copy/paste?  Let me know what you find.  What do you think, am I missing something?

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