Unified Diff – Not so “Unified”

Several years ago we added support for the “Unified Diff” to Guiffy.  Our Unified Diff support included specifying the Encoding format. We added the feature in our GUI application, in our non-GUI diff tool, Jiff, and in our API.

Well, so what, we weren’t the first (by far) to support the “Unified Diff” format. Then, we heard from folks saying, “Thanks for adding the Encoding format extension. But, I can’t find a “Unified Diff” patch tool that will work with any multi-byte encoding format.”  Sure enough, we couldn’t either. So, we could create a “Unified Diff” file in “UTF16” encoding.  But, we couldn’t find a patch tool that would work with it.

So, you guessed it, we created a “Unified Diff” patch tool that supported Encoding formats, UPatch. And, as usual we added the feature in our GUI application with a “Patch Preview”, and in our API.

I have to say it: Unified Diff was not so “Unified”.


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