Diff Test tool generates BIG text files

As promised a couple months ago, Here’s an easy to use tool that generates BIG text files for testing diff tools. The bigtext.zip file has a readme.txt file, the java class file (bigtext.class), and the java source file (bigtext.java).  It makes it real easy to generate BIG text files with a one line change in the middle of the file. The readme.txt explains how to run it:

Usage: java bigtext [-options]
bigtest creates 2 big text files for testing.
filenames are bigtext1.txt and bigtext2.txt.
The default file size is ~ 2MB.

Where options include:
-20mb : create 20MB files
-200mb : create 200MB files
-2gb : create 2GB files
-20gb : create 20GB files

bigtext makes a 1 line change in bigtext2.txt
near the middle of the file.

Let us know if you come up with any interesting variations for bigtext or have any test results you’d like to share.

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