Guiffy Software
The Advanced Cross-Platform Diff/Merge

Guiffy is a File Compare Diff tool, Merge tool, and Folder compare tool all-in-one. Its cross-platform, comes with a command line interface, and includes an API package. Guiffy recognizes over 150 source file encoding formats. And, Guiffy's Trustworthy 3 way merge, SureMerge, was designed from day 1 to avoid all the problems that plague other 3 way diff based merge tools.

Guiffy's Major Features:

  X Indicates Features which are only included in eXpert version.
Cross Platform
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  Implemented entirely in Java with a Swing GUI. Available for: Windows , Linux (any architecture or distribution), MacOS X , Unix (Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Others), and any Java-enabled platform.

Easy to Install   InstallAnywhere downloads make installation and setup a snap. Downloads are available with a Java Runtime Environment included -- So, even if you don't have Java on your system, you can easily download and install Guiffy in a single step.

Easy to Learn   Help includes introduction documents -- "How Do I..." for getting started and "Have It Your Way..." for popular setup choices. Help package includes Table of Contents, Index, and Search navigation. Help contents cover every aspect of Guiffy --- the G.U.I. and every operation's options, the command line interface and CM/SCM integrations, and the API package.

Easy to Use

  Checkout all the Ease-of-Use features in the U.I. Features list below.

SureMerge X Guiffy's Trustworthy 3 way merge tool called SureMerge automatically goes beyond the focus on "conflicts" in other merge tools. Guiffy's "Attention" focus can be expanded by the user. And, SureMerge's heuristic algorithms result in fewer, easier to resolve changes. Plus, a Parent Attention view is available for when it helps to see or copy parts of "the way it was before".

ComparEdit   Guiffy's Diff tool ComparEdit features are very handy for when you need to find a change made in one version of a file and include it in the other --- maybe a bug fix. Edit operations with shortcuts are also available for including a change and advancing automatically to the next change.

MergEdit X Our Merge tool supports 2 way or 3 way merge operations with views of both compare/merge files and the merge result. Guiffy's MergEdit interface supports editing-in-place while merging. Navigation through remaining "Attention" changes is automatic or user-directed. Each change can be resolved with a single click and reversed as well. Tools to Keep or Undo All changes are handy for beginning a merge with all the changes from one version --- then, find and keep what you need from the other version.

Integrated Folder /
FileTree Compare / Synchronization
  Guiffy includes an integrated Folder compare capability. From the Folder Compare Tree view, a double-click quickly does a file compare in another window. And, a right-click brings up a menu of choices for merging, copying, or deleting, etc.

CM/SCM Integrations X Guiffy's command line interface supports scripted automation and integration with CM/SCM systems that work with 3rd party compare/merge tools. AccuRev, ClearCase, CMSynergy, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, StarTeam, SVN, and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server users find Guiffy SureMerge to be a very valuable plugin.

Git and SVN integration support includes as external diff and 3 way merge tool and/or as "conflict editor" (Merge -> Open conflict file).

Eclipse Integration
NetBeans Integration
X Guiffy's command line interface supports integration with the Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs that work with external diff/merge tools.

Desktop Integrations
with Windows Explorer,
MacOSX Finder, or
Linux KDE

  Clickon 2 files or folders in Windows Explorer, MacOSX Finder, or Linux KDE and right click to run Guiffy for a quick compare. Guiffy also supports DragNDrop --- drag a file or folder from your desktop file manager to Guiffy's Open Combo panel.

guiffy.inside API Package X With the guiffy.inside API package you can build Guiffy into your applications, applets, or servlets. Interfaces for running the Guiffy GUI in a separate window (Frame) or within your application window (Panel) are available. Engines for running the file compare, quick verifiers, folder/file compare, 3 way merge, patch, and for generating compare reports in HTML are provided as well for non-GUI, or server-side applications.

Over 150 File Encoding formats   Guiffy's Java-based technology goes way beyond simple ASCII text files and includes support of: UTF8, UTF16, Big5, JIS, Shift-JIS, and EBCDIC (just to name a few). And, the encoding format can be specified separately for each file. Plus, an optional Auto-Mode will detect the Encoding format for you.

Multilingual UNICODE fonts
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  You can compare/merge and edit source files with text from all over the world. You're in good hands with Guiffy's Java-based UNICODE support and fonts such as Bitstream Cyberbit or Arial Unicode MS.

And, Guiffy's folder/file tree compare views and file/folder dialogs support Unicode file and folder names.

Dark Mode and Auto UI Scale
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  Dark Mode and Auto UI Scaling (HiDef and HiDPI displays) supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Diff Tool & Merge Tool Features:

Inline Differences   Diff tool Inline Differences are highlighted in reverse video. Controls allow for only showing differences which span less than a specified percentage of the line length and whether to show the differences as a single string or character by character. These options can be switched without recomparing the files.

Align Similar Lines   Within changes attempts to find and align similar lines to improve compare views with Inline Differences highlighting.

Syntax Highlighting
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  Guiffy's Diff tool & Merge tool support Syntax Highlighting for over 20 syntax types: (Assembler(x86), C, C++, C#, CSS, Fortran, Groovy, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Lua, Make, Perl, PHP, Properties, Python, Ruby, SAS, SQL, Tcl, Unix shell scripts, Windows Batch, XML).

The file types recognized for a supported syntax can be modified by the user. Highlighting style options include: color, italics, and bold. Syntax elements (each with their own style) include: Comments, Reserved words, Funtions, Literals, Data Types, Variables, Separators, Operators and Preprocessor). The style options for each syntax element can be modified by the user. All the user option settings can be saved and applied in subsequent sessions.

Powerful Ignore options   Guiffy's Diff tool & Merge tool Ignore options include: Ignore Case, Ignore Whitespace by Type (Leading, Embedded, Trailing, EOL), Ignore Blank lines, Ignore columns x-y, and Ignore matching any Regular Expression (up to 6), either by: Line, Part of a line, or a Block of lines(like comments). Each Ignore option can be applied on compares and/or merges. And, an option to Show the ignored differences is available to preserve those differences when editing and saving a file compare view.

Flexible Show options   The Diff tool compare views can be displayed showing the entire files with differences, only the differences, or the differences within the context of n lines. Plus, Guiffy's tuneable Folded Views automatically display differences within context for large files.

BIG files > 2GB
(Screen Shots)
  Guiffy's Diff tool & Merge tool work well with large files (over 2GB). Guiffy's IO is 64 bit. Folded views (differences within context) support visual viewing and editing of large files. And a special diff/merge algorithm is applied for large files to minimize memory requirements and boost performance.

Filter Plugins   A filter plugin provides the capabilty to run an external tool on your files and then pass the output from that tool to the compare or merge. Filters can be useful for several purpose such as: Extract the text or data from doc, pdf, or spreadsheet files, sort or normalize a file format such as xml, apply style standards to source files, or convert the text and style attributes of a doc or pdf file to a xml format.

Filter Plugins can also be defined as "processors" (without an output type) to run external diff tools for "other" filetypes such as images or binaries.

Image Diff Tool   Builtin Image Diff tool includes: Command Line Interface, 3 Filter options, Overlay option, Threshold control, Image File Info. panel, Image resizing, Compare Metrics and Save Diff view.

Binary Diff Tool   Builtin Binary Diff tool includes: Command Line Interface, Supports large files, Context view options, Split/Together views, and Click to edit using external tool.

Compare algorithm choices   Guiffy's Diff tool default compare algorithm, the Minimum Lines of Diff, is an imrpoved version of the popular "unique anchors" algorithm. Our Merge tool, SureMerge, uses a proprietary heuristic algorithm, Minimum Blocks of Diff. This algorithm can also be applied for compares - and works much better for very large files.

Manual Alignment   Guiffy's Diff tool supports a Manaul Alignment feature - for aligning matching lines to show a clearer view of the change made.

All kinds of

  The Guiffy Diff tool and Merge tool ignore End-of-Line differences. Saved files can be written with any EOL format. Plus, an optional Auto-Mode will detect the EOL format for you.

Save files
Encoded As

  Saved files can be written in any Encoding format.

Folder Compare Features:

FileTree Detailed views
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  Folder Compare results can be viewed as a FileTree with or without details (File Size and Modified Date).

Folder Compare with Archive file
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  Guiffy's Folder Compare works with Archive files. Archive files (zip, tar, tgz, tbz2, jar, ear, war) can be compared with folders/file trees. Archive files can be specified for folder compares in the Folder Open panel, in all of Guiffy's command line interfaces, and in the Guiffy API.

Once an archive file is selected for a folder compare it is treated virtually just like a folder/file tree. The folder compare "explore" methods work for expanding/comparing subfolders. Launching a file compare with a double-click in the folder compare view works. The folder compare synchronize operations such as copying or deleting files work. You can even edit a file in the file compare view and save it back to the archive file (which is being managed like a virtual file tree).

Archive files are treated like subfolders within a folder compare. Archive files can be expanded/explored within a folder compare view. During a filetree (recursive) compare, the archive files will be compared like subfolders. And, archive files will be verified for matching/changed just like subfolders.

Folder Compare options   Folder Compare Ignore options include: Ignore Subfolders (list), Ignore Files (list), Ignore Filetypes (list), Ignore Modified Date and Time, Ignore File Size, and Verify files Match (Byte-by-Byte or with Text compare).
Folder Compare Show options include: Show SubFolders recursively, Show Files Matching, Added, Deleted, Changed

Folder or FileTrees   Folder Compares can be for one folder at a time (with the ability to drill down), or explored (expanding and collapsing subfolders), or for an entire filetree at once (recursively). Or, a tree compare which compares all the subfolders (recursively) and indicates those with any changes.

Integrated with File Compare   Double clicks or right click perform file compares or synchronize operations or 2-3way merges. The compare/merges performed this way are aware of all the file compare/merge options.

Text compare verify   When verifying with text compare whether files match, a quick verify compare is performed which is aware of all the file compare options. Verify compares stop on the first diff.

U.I. Features:

Multi-File/Folder Open interfaces   Open both files or folders from one panel with: history lists, single-click copy/paste, and Browse capabilities. Or, Use Drag and Drop to select any file/folder in the Multi-File/Folder Open Panels.

Flexible Style Controls   Guiffy supports a flexible set of style controls. A builtin set of Styles are provided to give you an idea of the possibilities. Color choices for matching. inserted, and deleted text can be combined with background colors for each of those types and change blocks. Font choices can also be setup for each style category.

View choices   Differences can be viewed side-by-side, split horizontaly, or together in a single window.

Synchronized Scrolling   Guiffy's vertical and horizontal scrolling is synchronized with one set of scrollbars.

MouseWheel support

  The MouseWheel is supported, AND its scrolling is synchronized.

Clickable Scroll Meters

  Clicking on the scroll meters takes you directly to that point in the view.

Edit Menu operations   During ComparEdit or MergEdit a full set of Edit menu operations are available including: Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, and Redo. Plus, special operations for marking lines as removed and flipping the order of changes in a merge block. Compare/Merge views include a context (right-click) popup menu for quick and easy mouse operations.

ToolBars   Guiffy's U.I. includes toolbars for frequently used operations. There are several separate toolbars displayed within a 1 or 2 tier panel depending upon the window's width and which bars are visible.

Recent Files/Folders   Guiffy keeps track of the last 8 file and folder compare pairs so you can easily return to what you've been doing.

Shortcuts and Accelerators
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  Guiify's MenuBar and MenuChoices accept keyboard Alt-key Shortcuts and Ctrl-key Accelerators.

Changes Choice List   A changes choice list is provided for directly navigating to a change block.


  A Find tool is provided for searching the text.

  Navigation tools for next/previous changes and next/previous merge attentions are provided.

User defined keyboard shortcuts   Keyboard Shortcuts for all of Guiffy's actions - menu items and merge buttons can be user defined (more than 80). The user defined shortcuts can be saved and applied in subsequent sessions.

Save Settings   All of Guiffy's Options choices and things like the Guiffy window size and location can be preserved. You can Save the Settings at any time. And Save Settings can be setup to be automatic on Exit. Plus, you can save your settings to named files for different products or projects and then choose a named saved settings depending upon the task.

(Screen Shots)

  Guiffy's U.I. is available in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Swedish. And the U.I. language can be switched while using Guiffy.

Other Features:

  X Indicates Features which are only included in eXpert version.
Save Differences As   File and Folder compare together views can be saved as text. File compares can also be saved for use with patch. And, file compare views can be saved as HTML.

Save Compare Report (HTML)   Compare views can be saved as HTML. A Together or Split view (side-by-side) report is generated depending upon the current view. The Report reflects all of Guiffy's Style (Color and Font) choices and the compare results with the current Ignore and Show settings.
Guiffy Compare Report HTML has been W3C validated.
Valid HTML 4! and Valid CSS!

Save a Compare Report, view and print it with your browser, send it to a co-worker in an email re: code review or merge resolution, or maybe its a critical bug fix - so you post it on the support page of your web site or send it in an email to all your customers.

User [Cancel]s   Every file or folder compare/merge process is threaded and can be cancelled.

Merge Checkpoint / Resume X Saved Merge Files can be opened to resume merging.

Print Compare Report (HTML)   File and Folder compare views can be printed. A Together or Split view (side-by-side) report is generated depending upon the current view. The Report reflects all of Guiffy's Style (Color and Font) choices and the compare results with the current Ignore and Show settings. Preview and Printing of your reports is performed through your default browser.

Jiff utility

X Jiff is a diff-like utility with all the Guiffy command line options.

Suremerge utility

X Suremerge is an auto-merge utility with all the Guiffy command line options. Attentions are written in the result file in Guiffy's "Saved Merge File" format which is an extended "CVS Conflict" format. Suremerge prints a message indicating the status of the merge to stdout.

GuiffyReport utility

X GuiffyReport is a non GUI utility for generating file/folder compare reports as HTML. Command line options support all of Guiffy's Style, Ignore, and Show settings.

UPatch utility

X UPatch is a non GUI Unified Diff file patch utility with encoding format command line options. GUI Patch Previews are performed by configuring UPatch as a Filter Plugin.

Updates / Upgrades   License registration includes 12 months of Support, Updates, and Upgrades. Annual Subscriptions are available to extend Support and the entitled Updates and Upgrades.


  Each Guiffy installation includes an UnInstaller application.

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