Telelogic CMSynergy compare merge integration

The following documents how to integrate Guiffy SureMerge with CMSynergy 6.3 on the Windows platform. These notes should be useful - but, will need to be adapted for integration on other platforms.

To integrate Guiffy with CMSynergy 6.3 first ensure that the guiffy.exe has been added to your PATH environment variable. Edit the CM Synergy properties file which will be located in the installed folder --- \Telelogic\CM Synergy 6.3\etc\

To use Guiffy for file compares replace: = %ccm_compareby
with = guiffy.exe %file1 %file2

To use Guiffy SureMerge for 3-way auto merges replace:
windows.tool.merge.ascii = %ccm_mergeby
windows.tool.merge.ascii = guiffy.exe -s %file1 %file2 %ancestor %outfile

Documentation by Guiffy Software, Inc. 2012