GuiffyReport Command Line

The GuiffyReport command line interface provides a non GUI tool for generating file compare reports as HTML. The GuiffyReport tool utilizes the GuiffyReport class from Guiffy's API package. The file name arguments may be specified as relative (to the current directory) or absolute paths.

To specify filenames including blanks, encapsulate the filename with double quotes.

To specify a UNC for a filename, use \\\\servername for the usual \\servername.

Both folder names and file names support archive file types.
A folder name can be an acrhive file name such as
or an archive file name including a subfolder name such as
A file name can be an archive file name including a file name such as

GuiffyReport [-options] <1st file> <2nd file> <Report.html file>
To compare folders:
GuiffyReport [-options] <1st folder> <2nd folder> <Report.html file>

Where options include:
-bsf verify subfolders match
-bxb verify files match, byte-by-byte
-bxt verify files match, Text compare
-c -case ignore upper/lower Case differences
-d -diffs only show the Differences
-dalign Show Align similar lines
-dinline Show InLine Diffs OFF
-dinpct pp Show InLine Diffs when < pct of line length
pp defaults to 50, ie. -dinpct75 or -dincpt33
-dinchroff Show InLine Diffs Char-by-Char OFF
-dinchr Show InLine Diffs Char-by-Char
-ed EOLs written for DOS
-em EOLs written for MacOS
-eu EOLs written for Unix
-enf spec Encoding for 1st and 2nd files
For Example: -enfUnicodeLittle
-ens spec Encoding for HTML report file
For Example: -ensUnicodeLittle
-fd DO NOT Show Folder Compare Details (Date and Size)
-footer Footer produces 1 line report header and footer
-fxxx,yyy ignore Field in columns xxx through yyy
For Example: -f73,80 ignores columns 73 through 80
-h1 hdr Header for 1st file
-h2 jdr Header for 2nd file
-h -help display this Help message
-is subs ignore SubFolders(separated by ";"s) (* Wildcard prefix/suffix patterns supported)
For Example: -isclasses;images;.*
-isyml ignore Symbolic Links
-if fils ignore Files(separated by ";"s) (* Wildcard prefix/suffix patterns supported)
For Example: -ifGuiffy.jar;.#*
-iafe fils ignore All Files Except (separated by ";"s) (* Wildcard prefix/suffix patterns supported)
For Example: -iafeGuiffy*;Jiff*
-it typs ignore FileTypes(separated by ";"s)
For Example: -it.jar;.zip
-iate typs ignore All FileTypes Except(separated by ";"s)
-isd Show Ignored Differences
-id ignore modified Date and time (folder compares)
-iz ignore file Size (folder compares)
-j -jiffy minimize blocks changed diff
-k ignore blanK lines(inserted or deleted)
-l -linenos don't show Line Numbers
-m -metrics show metrics at end of output
-n -navbars don't show Navigation bars
-nom -nomats FolderCompare Show NO matching files
-noa -noadds FolderCompare Show NO files added
-nod -nodels FolderCompare Show NO files deleted
-noc -nochgs FolderCompare Show NO files changed
-q RE -ql RE Quietly ignore changed, inserted or deleted lines matching regular expression RE
ie. -ql^[:blank:]*//.*$
-qp RE Quietly ignore parts of lines matching regular expression RE
ie. -qp//.*$
-qb RE Quietly ignore blocks of lines matching regular expression RE
ie. -qb/\*.*?\*/
Upto 6 -q options are accumulated
-r -recursive Show SubFolders (Recursively)
-ra Show Archive filetypes (Recursively)
-st -style SSSSet Style file SSS
For Example: -styleC:\\StyleCss.txt
-t -text yy show differences within yy lines of conText
-vt View compare Together
-vv View compare split Vertical
yy defaults to 10, ie. -t8 or -text12
-w -white ignore all White space differences
-wl ignore Leading White space differences
-we ignore Embedded White space differences
-wt ignore Trailing White space differences
-wn ignore EOL White space differences

Exit codes:
0 OK, Successful
1 Can't find 1st file/folder
2 Can't find 2nd file/folder
4 Can't read 1st file/folder
5 Can't read 2nd file/folder
7 Can't write Report file
8 1st file is a folder, 2nd file is not
9 2nd file is a folder, 1st file is not
11 Encoding not available
12 Unexpected Exception
13 Evaluation period expired
15 Not allowed, requires eXpert license
101 Invalid option
102 Missing file parameter

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