SureMerge Command Line

SureMerge's command line interface allows you to specify the files to be merged. The Merge parent file(optional) is required for 3-way SureMerge operations which is indicated with the -s option. All file name arguments may be specified as relative (to the current working directory) or absolute paths. SureMerge writes the result file in Guiffy's "Saved Merge File" format which is an extended "CVS Conflict" format. SureMerge prints a message indicating the status of the merge to stdout.

To specify filenames including blanks, encapsulate the filename with double quotes.
To specify a UNC for a filename, use \\\\servername for the usual \\servername.

To Merge(2-way):
suremerge [-options] <1st file> <2nd file> [result file]
To SureMerge(3-way):
suremerge -s [-options] <1st file> <2nd file> <parent file> [result file]

Where options include:
-c -case ignore upper/lower Case differences
-eauto EOL AutoMode enabled
-ed EOLs written for DOS
-em EOLs written for MacOS
-eu EOLs written for Unix
-enauto Encoding AutoMode enabled
-enf spec Encoding for files(1st, 2nd, and Parent)
For Example: -enfUnicodeLittle
-en1 spec Encoding for 1st files
For Example: -en1UnicodeLittle
-en2 spec Encoding for 2nd files
For Example: -en2UnicodeLittle
-enp spec Encoding for Parent files
For Example: -enpUnicodeLittle
-ens spec Encoding for Saved files(Dif, RCS, MergeResult, and HTML)
For Example: -ensUnicodeLittle
-fxxx,yyy ignore Field in columns xxx through yyy
For Example: -f73,80 ignores columns 73 through 80
May be specified twice for 2 fields
-h -help display this Help message
-k ignore blanK lines(inserted or deleted)
-pr Promote merge
-q RE -ql RE Quietly ignore changed, inserted, or deleted lines matching regular expression RE
ie. -ql^[:blank:]*//.*$
-qp RE Quietly ignore parts of lines matching regular expression RE
ie. -qp//.*$
-qb RE Quietly ignore blocks of lines matching regular expression RE
ie. -qb/\*.*?\*/
Upto 6 -q options are accumulated
-s -sure SureMerge(3-Way)
-tab tt expand tabs at tt spaces(applied for -f)
tt defaults to 8, ie. -t4
-w -white ignore all White space differences
-wl ignore Leading White space differences
-we ignore Embedded White space differences
-wt ignore Trailing White space differences
-x nn eXpand attention focus by nn lines
For Example: -x2 eXpands attention focus by 2 lines

Exit codes:
0 OK, Successful
1 Can't find 1st file
2 Can't find 2nd file
3 Can't find Parent file
4 Can't read 1st file
5 Can't read 2nd file
6 Can't read Parent file
7 Can't write Merge Result file
8 1st file is a folder
9 2nd file is a folder
10 Parent file is a folder
11 Encoding not available
12 Unexpected Exception
13 Evaluation period expired
14 SureMerge is Confused, not able to identify Attentions
15 Not allowed, requires eXpert license
100 One or more Attentions in Merge result
101 Invalid option
102 Missing file parameter

Documentation by Guiffy Software, Inc. 2015