File/Folder OpenCombo Panels

These panels are used on the File or Folder Opens from the Menus or ToolBar. The panels remember your last selections, making it easy to switch one file or folder with a few keystrokes. Each File or Folder selection includes a History List of the last 50 choices. And, of course, the browse buttons get you into the chooser open dialog. To Copy/Paste one file or folder selection to the other, just click on the buttons provided.

The Folder Open Panel also allows the selection of an Archive file for comparison. When Archive is selected the Browse dialog provides for selection of archive files (.zip .jar .ear .war .tar .tgz .gz .tbz2 .bz2).

These panels also support Drag and Drop --- so you can drag a file or folder name from another application such as a file manager (Explorer) and drop it on the field in these panels to make a quick-n-easy selection.