Tech. Note 10: Dark Mode

To enable Dark Mode for Guiffy involves 2 steps.

1) Select Guiffy's Dark Style (Guiffy2022Dark):
Options -> Style & Syntax -> Styles...

2) Set Guiffy's Look And Feel to FlatDarkLaf:
On Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms:
Edit the file located in Guiffy's install folder as follows. Guiffy's default install paths are: Edit, add the vm_parameter to specify the FLATDarkLaf:

NOTE: Multiple vm_parameters are separated by space: For example:
vm_parameters=-Xmx512m -Dguiffy.laf=com.formdev.flatlaf.FlatDarkLaf

On Unix and Other platforms:
Edit the guiffy.lax file in Guiffy's install folder as follows:

Guiffy's default install paths are: After the LAX.COMMAND.LINE.ARGS line:
add the line:

NOTE: To replace the guiffy.lax file you will need to open the file as Administrator or SuperUser. Be sure once you're done and save the guiffy.lax file, the file is actually updated in the Guiffy install folder.

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