Tech. Note 5: Filter Plugins

Filter Plugin examples information

User Filter Plugins favorites

If you have a favorite tool you're using as a Filter Plugin with Guiffy, send us an email at with the information needed and we'll share it with everyone else here.

Filter Plugins debugging information

First we recommend testing the plugin tool standalone. Then, build or edit the Filter Plugin definition for integration with Guiffy.

The plugin process writes (appends) its stdout (if stdout is not the result output of the tool) and stderr to the file FilterTrace.txt in the Guiffy configuration folder.

To see debug information while Guiffy builds the plugin command line for execution, create an empty file, FilterDebug.txt, in the Guiffy configuration folder. This file is appended each time a filter plugin is executed.

Guiffy's normal Debug Trace (See Tech Note 1) may also produce output helpful while debugging a Filter Plugin.

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