Tech. Note 8: Adjusting the U.I. font size

On some systems with very large high resolution monitors Guiffy's U.I. font sizes may be too small. Or perhaps on a laptop with a very small monitor the font sizes may be too large. The U.I. font size can be adjusted in Guiffy's command line.

To adjust Guiffy's U.I. font size edit the guiffy.lax file in Guiffy's install folder as follows: Guiffy's default install paths are: NOTE: To replace the guiffy.lax file you will need to open the file as Administrator or SuperUser. Be sure once you're done and save the guiffy.lax file, the file is actually updated in the Guiffy install folder.

add the line:

Where nnn=Percentage of the default font size for each U.I. component
For example: 130 increases the font size 30%

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