Guiffy Top 10 Tips

  1. To view the compare of a Unicode file (or other non-default encodings), select Options -> Encoding(Charsets)... Select your encoding format from the choicelist. You will need a Unicode font installed on your platform such as Arial Unicode MS or Bitstream Cyberbit. Then, select Options -> Font... to use that font for All text.

  2. To compare a file tree with the folder compare, select Options -> Folder Show... Show SubFolders (Recursively)

  3. For an indication if sub folders match in a folder compare, select Options -> Folder Ignore... Verify SubFolders Match

  4. To get a cheat sheet for all of Guiffy's shortcuts, see Help -> Contents... Keyboard Shortcuts

  5. To Compare large file trees with thousands of file/folders, see Help -> Contents... Tech Note #3

  6. To integrate Guiffy with Windows Explorer or other desktops, see Help -> Contents... Desktop Integrations Windows Explorer integration, MacOS X Finder integration, or Linux KDE integration.

  7. To get a debug trace on MacOS X, run the console utility. To get a debug trace on all other platforms, see Help -> Contents... Tech Note #1

  8. For improved compare view font rendering, use a 1.6 JRE with Guiffy 8.6 or later releases. Note: Guiffy font rendering on MacOS X is improved (with anti-aliasing) on all JRE releases and does not require Guiffy 8.6.

  9. To synch files/folders in folder compare, select the file(s)/folder(s) and right click, then choose an action (copy or delete)

  10. To verify the JRE Guiffy is using, see Help -> About

Documentation by Guiffy Software, Inc. 2012