Have It Your Way...

Guiffy's rich set of features and flexible functionality installs with "Ready To Rumble" defaults. But, defaults aren't for everyone and some capabilities are specifically intended for user customization. This document introduces some of Guiffy's "Have It Your Way" features.

noteFile Encodings and Fonts

Guiffy's default file encoding format setup is to attempt to detect the encoding of your files (Auto mode). But, if you're using Guiffy to work with files with an encoding format which can't be detected you can specify the encoding format to apply on all your file compares and file saves. To select File Encoding formats choose Options -> Encoding (Charsets)...
Here's what the Dialog looks like:
The Help button in the dialog brings up documentation regarding the more than 150 File Encoding formats supported.

Guiffy's default Font for the text displays is based upon Fonts installed on your system. A default font is selected by searching for Source Code Pro, Consolas, Menlo, Courier New, or Courier in that order. Guiffy accepts alternative font choices (based upon the fonts installed on your system). To select another font, such as a Multilingual UNICODE font like "Arial Unicode MS" or "Bitstream Cyberbit" choose Options -> Font (or just clickon the Font   fonts  button ) and select your font choice for each text display type.

eolsWrite EOLs as

Guiffy writes EOLs (End-Of-Lines) based upon the format used on your system. If you need to save all your files with a different type of EOL, choose Options -> Write EOLs
note Guiffy recognizes any of the EOL formats when reading files and ignores EOL differences when comparing files.

noteShow Me Everything or Just the Differences

Guiffy's default display mode for compare results is to Show everything - the matching lines and the differences for file sizes upto 400KB. For files > 400KB, the differences are displayed within 8 lines of context which we call Folded Compare/Merge Views. If you'd rather always see everything or just the differences or always see Folded Views, or Folded Views only on larger files. choose Options -> Show (or just clickon on the Show  show   button) and select one of these choices.
note Folded Compare/Merge Views improve the compare viewing response time and reduces the memory requirements (especially for large files with just a few differences).

noteFolderCompares: Ignore SubFolders and Ignore FileTypes

When you Compare Folders there's probably SubFolders and FileTypes you don't want to look at. To specify the SubFolders and FileTypes to ignore, choose Options-> Folder Ignore.

noteKeep It Your Way...

To keep any of the above settings and all of Guiffy's other Options choices and things like the Guiffy window size and location preserved, choose Options -> Save Settings Controls.

noteSometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't...

You may want to have different settings for different projects or tasks or... Use Opts -> Save Settings As to save your current settings to a specified file. Then, when you have some different current settings you wish to keep, Save them to a different file. Use Opts -> Load Saved Settings to change which of your Saved Settings you wish to use for your current task.
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