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How To Update User Licenses

Guiffy License Updates restore the Support and entitled Updates and Upgrades for 1 year. If a user license has expired (not been renewed for more than a year), a License Update enables use with the latest release.

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After processing the Update Order, your updated Guiffy license registration key(s) will be sent to you via email.

THANKS in advance for your order.

License This is a copy of the simple Guiffy End User License Agreement.
License Renewals / Updates
This is a copy of our License Renewal / Update Policies. The Guiffy License Agreement includes 12 months of Support and Updates. After 12 months registered users can continue using their current version. Guiffy License Renewals extend the Support and entitled Updates for 1 year. NOTE: In the past we called License Renewals - Annual Subscriptions.
To Renew your license(s) click here.

If a License has expired (not renewed) for more than 30 days, a Guiffy License Update is required to restore Support and entitled Updates.

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