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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you pronounce Guiffy?
A: I pronounce Guiffy like "Goofy". I know, it sounds bad and it takes alot of guts to say "Goofy" or "Goofy Software". But, if you don't have alot of guts, you shouldn't be a Micro ISV. And, you shouldn't tackle a problem that has puzzled tool vendors for 20 years --- the auto, 3-way merge.

Anyway, if you have a problem telling your boss or other folks that you use or recommend purchasing "Goofy Software's product" --- You can always pronounce it some other way and/or say SureMerge.

As our White Paper explains --- Guiffy SureMerge isn't "goofy" at all... But, there are some "goofy" auto merge things out there.

BTW: Guiffy kinda comes from --- GUI diFF and 3-waY merge.

Q: I don't see any User Home/Library folder on my Mac (~/Library/Preferences/Guiffy Prefs) - which is where the Guiffy configuration info and my license key file is saved.
A: On MacOS X 10.7 and later releases ~/Library is hidden. To temporarily access the Library folder in Finder: Go > Go to Folder and type in ~/Library/ (without the quotes).

Q: The Guiffy command line interface doesn't work on my Mac.
A: The guiffy command line interface executable on MacOS X is the installed file guiffyCL.command

Q: How do I compare a whole file tree - instead of just one folder?
A: Options -> Folder Show... Show SubFolders (Recursively)

Q: Guiffy hangs when I try to do a BIG folder compare with 10000s of files/subfolders.
A: You need to allow Guiffy to allocate more memory (heap space). See Tech Note 3 (also in Guiffy's application Help) on how to increase the maximum heap size.

Q: Guiffy doesn't display my file compare correctly - shows little box characters or "garbage".
A: You need to specify the Encoding format of your files and select a Unicode font. See: Options -> Encoding(Charsets)... and Options -> Font...

Q: The Guiffy install gets the following error - on my Unix/Linux system, whats wrong?
A: This problem is caused by one of the following:
- JDK(or JRE)/bin is not included in your PATH environment variable
- The JAVA_HOME environment variable is set incorrectly or a symbolic link to the JDK/JRE conflicts with the location for JAVA_HOME
- No JDK/JRE has been installed on your system

Q: How do I uninstall or update Guiffy?
A: See this tech note (also in Guiffy's application Help) on how to uninstall or update Guiffy.

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