CVS Diff/Merge integrations

Jalindi Igloo

For Windows users, the Jalindi Igloo package offers external 3-way merge support and SCC IDE integration.


The CVSGUIs(WinCVS, MacCVS, and gCVS) support using external diff programs by setting the Preferences. And, you can resolve/edit conflicts by setting up Guiffy as the viewer(Program used to open files). First build a .bat file called for example:guifres.bat with the following line:
"C:\Program Files\Guiffy\guiffy.exe" -mocvs%1
Then, specify the guifres.bat as the viewer(Program used to open files).


TortoiseCVS supports external diff/merge tools. Here's how to set it up with Guiffy:

Go to Tortoise->Preferences application from the programs menu.
Select the Tools tab.

Set External Diff Application: C:\Program Files\Guiffy\guiffy.exe
Set External Merge Application: C:\Program Files\Guiffy\guiffy.exe

Check External Diff supports Unicode and check External Merge Supports Unicode.

Use Guiffy standalone --- Then, put your saved merge results

Many CVS users find Guiffy's integrated Folder Compare features a handy way to synchronize projects. From the Folder Compare Tree view, files can be compared and merged. 3-way SureMerges can also be performed from the Tree view's rightclick popup menu.

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