Guiffy Folded Compare/Merge Views

Guiffy's default display mode for compare results is to Show everything - the matching lines and the differences for file sizes upto 400KB. For files > 400KB, the differences are displayed within 8 lines of context which we call Folded Compare/Merge Views.

Folded Compare/Merge Views improve the compare viewing response time and reduces the memory requirements (especially for large files with just a few differences).

Select Options -> Show (or just clickon on the Show  show   button) to alter the Folded Compare/Merge Views behavior.

Show All (Matches and Differences)

Will disable Folded Compare/Merge Views.

Show Only Differences

Causes the compare expression to show only the differences without any context. The "folded" matching lines are indicated in this view.

OR Show Differences within N Lines of Context

By default, Causes the compare expression to show differences with the selected number of lines of matching text before and after each difference.

When files are > nnnnKb

The default file size to begin "folding" is 400KB. Clicking on this selection to disable the When condition will cause Folded views for all file sizes.

"Folded" matching line blocks are indicated with a line beginning with "..." which also shows (the beginning and ending line numbers).
folded view

Double clicking on a "Folded" indicator line will open another window with the content of the matching block. If needed you can select, edit and copy text from the matching view.

Save 1st/2nd As and Save Merge File operations include the matching lines of text from folded blocks in their saved results.

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