PVCS Diff/Merge Integration - Windows clients

During Guiffy install select the Add-Ons Install Set option to include "pvcsmerge".

PVCS client installs include an executable called "pvcsmerge" (pvcsmerge.exe on Windows). This executable is called to diff (compare) files and for 3-way merges. Guiffy SureMerge installs include a special executable utility named so as to plug in as a replacement for the builtin PVCS "pvcsmerge".

To integrate Guiffy with PVCS first, backup your builtin "pvcsmerge" executable. Rename it as "pvcsmerge_original". Then, after installing Guiffy, copy all the files from Guiffy's install folder into the PVCS client install folder where you found "pvcsmerge". Note, the copy should NOT replace any other files (other than the rename original "pvcsmerge").

Thats it. Now from PVCS when you do a file compare or 3-way merge, Guiffy will be executed in place of the builtin PVCS utility.

Dimensions Diff/Merge Integration - Windows clients

Dimensions Windows Clients execute "pvcsmerge" the same as PVCS. The integration note above for PVCS will also work for Dimensions. And, this integration technique will also work with the Dimensions Windows Web Client --- there is an additional copy of "pvcsmerge.exe" installed as part of the Web Client.

PVCS & Dimensions Diff/Merge Integration - Linux/Unix clients

PVCS & Dimensions do not include "pvcsmerge" on Linux/Unix clients. Instead they execute the "mgdiff" utility. The "mgdiff" utility is a GUI diff tool but does not support 3-way merging. PVCS & Dimesnions do not have a 3-way merge GUI interface on Linux/Unix. We are currently testing PVCS & Dimensions integration methods for replacing "mgdiff" with Guiffy for improved diff capabilities on Linux/Unix.

Documentation by Guiffy Software, Inc. 2012