Keyboard Shortcuts

The tables below list the default keyboard shortcuts built into Guiffy. For information on Guiffy's User defined Shortcuts capability see Options -> Shortcuts.

Note: On MacOS, use Command key for Ctrl
Ctrl+O Open & Compare Files     Ctrl+P Open & Merge Files (2-Way)
Ctrl+D Open & Compare Folders     Ctrl+M Merge Files (2-Way)
Ctrl+4 Save 1st     Ctrl+3 Open & SureMerge Files (3-Way)
Ctrl+5 Save 2nd     Ctrl+S SureMerge Files(3-Way)
Ctrl+6 Save 1st + Reload Compare     F2 Save Merged File
Ctrl+7 Save 2nd + Reload Compare            
Ctrl+W Close Window (for MacOS X)            
Ctrl+Q Exit            

Ctrl+Z Undo     Ctrl +Minus Mark Selected lines as removed /restored
Ctrl+R Redo     Ctrl+Y Flip
Ctrl+X Cut Selected lines as removed     Ctrl+1 Replace Change from 2nd in 1st
Ctrl+C Copy     Ctrl+2 Replace Change from 1st in 2nd
Ctrl+V Paste     Alt+1 Replace Change from 2nd in 1st + Next Change
            Alt+2 Replace Change from 1st in 2nd + Next Change

Ctrl+J Ignore...     Ctrl+E Reload Compare
Ctrl+H Show...     F5 Refresh
Ctrl+L Folder Ignore...            
Ctrl+U Folder Show...     Ctrl+F Find...
Ctrl+B Compare/Merge...     F3 Find Next
Ctrl+T Save Settings            

Shift+F4 Previous change     Ctrl+F12 Merge AutoShifts[R] to Previous Attention
F4 Next Change     Shift+F12 Merge does not AutoShift[N]
Shift+F6 Previous Attention     F12 Merge AutoShifts[D] to Next Attention
Ctrl+F6 Current Attention            
F6 Next Attention     F1 Contents(Help)

During Merges:
Alt+< Keep 1st     Alt+B Keep Both     Alt+> Keep 2nd
Alt+S Save Merge & Exit     Alt+U Undo     Alt+X Exit

Documentation by Guiffy Software, Inc. 2012