How to Uninstall Guiffy:

Guiffy has an uninstaller application or script depending upon your platform. The uninstaller is located within the "UninstallerData" subfolder in Guiffy's install directory. "Unistall Guiffy" will uninstall files, shortcuts, registry entries, etc. created when installing Guiffy. The uninstall will not remove files created by runnning Guiffy and it will not remove the guiffy configuration folder containing the license key file, saved setting and history files.

How to Update Guiffy to the latest release:

Guiffy purchases include 1 year of support and maintenance with release updates included. License Renewals are available to extend your support and maintenance after the first year.

To Update Guiffy just download and install the latest release from the Guiffy website.

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