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Guiffy includes our Advanced cross-platform Image File Compare Diff Tool. The Guiffy Image Diff Tool is available for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux systems. Guiffy's Image Diff tool is included as part of Guiffy Pro or eXpert and also available as a Free standalone application. The Guiffy Image Diff Tool includes a command line interface for automation and integration with your other tools.

image diff
Image Diff with images resized to best fit, the diff view overlayed with "Heat" filter, and Threshold control at 6%. <<<--- Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot

Guiffy's Advanced Image Diff Tool capabilities:

  • Compare image files in bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, and wbmp formats.
  • 3 filter options: B&W, Shades, Heat
  • Overylay option- greys matching areas of image, highlights differences according to filter
  • Threshold control - specifies percent of diff per pixel to ignore
  • Image resizing (zoom, best fit, actual size)
  • Compare Metrics (Pixels diff > Threshold %, Color diff %)
  • Image File Info panel: File Type, Size in bytes, Format, Depth in bits, Width in pixels, Height in pixels, Horizontal resolution in dpi, and Vertical resolution in dpi
  • Save Diff View
  • Command Line Interface
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