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Guiffy includes our Advanced cross-platform Binary File Compare Diff Tool. The Guiffy Binary Diff Tool is available for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux systems. Guiffy's Binary Diff tool is included as part of Guiffy Pro or eXpert and also available as a Free standalone application. The Guiffy Binary Diff Tool includes a command line interface for automation and integration with your other tools.

diff/merge Unicode-16
Binary Diff with split side by side view. <<<--- Clickon thumbnail to view the screenshot

Guiffy's Advanced Binary Diff Tool capabilities:

  • Suppports large binary file compares. Diff algorithm (based on XDelta) doesn't load files in memory to perform compare. Automatically adjusts size of checksum blocks based on file size.
  • Context view - very useful for large file compares (reduces memory required and improves performance).
  • Split Vertical or Horizontal and Together views.
  • Click to Edit using user specified application.
  • Guiffy U.I. features including: Changes navigation, Synchronized scrolling, Clickable Scroll Meters, MouseWheel support, Recent file history choice lists, Keyboard shortcuts, and Help with a Table of Contents, Index, and Search.
  • Command Line Interface
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