Package com.guiffy.inside

Interface Summary

Class Summary
GuiffyDiff Class GuiffyDiff is the "Diff" engine for including Guiffy's compare and verify functions inside Java applications.
GuiffyFileTreeDiff Class GuiffyFileTreeDiff is a GuiffyDiff post processor for folder/file tree compare applications.
GuiffyFrame Class GuiffyFrame is the Component for including Guiffy inside Java applications.
GuiffyPanel Class GuiffyPanel is a Component for including Guiffy inside Java applications (with their own Menus and ToolBars).
GuiffyReport Class GuiffyReport is the compare report engine for generating Guiffy compare reports as HTML from within Java applications.
GuiffySureMerge Class GuiffySureMerge is the Merge engine for including SureMerge inside Java applications.
GuiffyUPatch Class GuiffyUPatch is the Unified Diff Patch class for including Patch inside Java applications.